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Helpful advice for vehicle owners

Owning a vehicle can make your life considerably easier and it is easy to become quite dependent on having a car at your disposal. When they’re running well, everything is great but it can be a huge inconvenience when they break down. We’ve compiled a list of things to do to keep your car running smoothly and what you can do when it comes time to sell it.

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When it comes time to buy a car, there are various options, each with their own advantages and disadvantages…

  •     Buy new from a dealer
  •     Buy used from a dealer
  •     Buy from a private seller
  •     Buy at a vehicle auction

Buying from a dealer

Buying new will always be the most expensive option but most new vehicles will come with a combination of dealer warranties, free fuel, several years of servicing or other promotional deals. Even used vehicles that are purchased through a dealer may come packaged with these offerings. If you’re in Australia, check to see if a dealer is a member of the Australian Automobile Dealers Association.

Buying from a private seller

Buying from a private seller will mean that you don’t get any of the bonuses that you’d typically get from a dealer but if you shop around, you may be able to get the vehicle at a considerably lower price. Find a dedicated space in your local area where vehicles are parked for sale, check auto trader magazines, local newspapers or check websites where people can list their vehicles. Car Sales and Gumtree are both great places to search for vehicles online for anyone in Australia.

Buying at a vehicle auction

Visiting a vehicle auction can be a great way of picking up a quality vehicle for a relatively low price. If you’re considering buying at an auction, do your research on the available vehicles before hand and make sure that you don’t get overly committed to winning the auction for one vehicle. Bidding based on emotion can lead to people spending far too much on a vehicle. Manheim and Alliance Auctions are both great places to search for vehicles that are available for sale through auction.

Pre-purchase vehicle inspections

Pre-purchase inspections can be carried out on a car that is being sold through a dealer or through a private seller. Your inspector will check over the vehicle visually, perform a test of the engine and take the vehicle for a road test. After the test, they will give a written report that details any points that are of concern in the vehicle. It is advisable to have an inspection performed by a qualified third party whenever you buy a vehicle. You can find out more about pre-purchase vehicle inspections at

Regular maintenance of your car

Keeping your vehicle well maintained is extremely important. To get the most from your car and avoid any unnecessary repairs, you should follow the maintenance schedule that has been advised by the manufacturer, the dealer or your mechanic. A search in the Yellow Pages will allow you to find a qualified mechanic in your area. Regular maintenance should help to avoid any costly repairs but if you need to replace broken parts in your vehicle, there are many places to purchase second-hand car parts for reasonable prices. Start with local car demolition yards or places like Ebay motors as they will often have a surplus of parts.

Selling your vehicle to wreckers

If you need to sell your vehicle quickly, there are companies that pay cash for most types of vehicles. Shop around to see which company will give the best price for your vehicle and make sure that they offer free removal. Rapid Car Removal and Total Cash For Cars are good examples of a Melbourne companies. Another good example of the type of company to look for is Car Wreckers Adelaide.

Cleaning your car interior

Keeping the inside of your car clean will make it much more enjoyable to drive than if it was dirty and smelly. There is no shortage of auto detailers in most towns who can professionally clean your car interior or you can learn how to do it your self from websites like WikiHow and videos like the one below.